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I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.

The main thing about me is that I'm a diehard brony. I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic less than a year after it started airing and have been hooked ever since. I used to draw Transformers fanart, but due to a lack of interest in it lately, I've taken mainly to drawing ponies because I love it and it's helped gain me a wider audience. My favorite character is Pinkie Pie because she's lovable, silly, and she always makes me smile no matter how sad I am! :)

I have Aspergers Syndrome, similar to Autism but not quite. Doesn't mean I'm stupid, I just have slight learning disabilities and have a hard time understanding what some people say sometimes and I can get easily confused. Remember, Albert Einstein had autism and look how far he got in life!

If I come across as religious to you then know that I put my faith in God, not religion.

I am a college graduate with a degree in Motion Graphics. I love to draw, make movies for youtube, sculpt, play video games, collect action figures, and hang out with my family and friends.

My gallery is safe for work with occasional pinups.

Feel free to browse my shop on Etsy:…

My Twitter:

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In the past few days we've gotten not just one, not just two, but THREE trailers for movies I am really pumped for!


I loved the first Wreck-It Ralph movie back in 2012 and this movie is looking to be equally as awesome!  This whole trailer is basically capitalism at it's finest.  XD  Not only are there tons of references to various sites and internet phenomenon in the world of the Internet, we are also seeing that all the different Disney properties are going to be used like Star Wars, Marvel, and even an entourage of recognizable Disney Princesses.  The part with the princesses and Vanellope was hysterical and I can't wait to see how Ralph and her interact with all these different characters.  It was also even funnier to see how self-aware they are about how actual fans complained that "Wrecks the Internet" sounds better than "Breaks the Internet" at the end there.  :giggle:

I dunno who that blue girl is or her importance to the plot but she looks like an interesting character for sure.  :nod:  I am not sure what the plot is aside from Ralph and Vanellope visiting the internet in their downtime, but I have a strong feeling they will throw in a very compelling story and a mind-blowing revelation of some sort.  The last film really blew my mind with King Candy turning out to be Turbo all along and the movie was really done right in terms of plot and the lesson that Ralph learned.  Good writing and mind-blowing surprises are what I always love in movies and I'm sure this one will be nothing short of that when it comes out.  :D

Next up:

Oh man I'm especially excited for this one!  The Lego Movie is one of my all-time favorite animated movies (and movies in general) and this is looking to be a good sequel!  I must admit I was really caught off guard with the whole new plot of them living in a Mad-Max styled wasteland after the "Duplo" Legos invaded at the very end of the last movie.  I thought that was just supposed to be a gag and Emmet and the team would have taken care of them easily but it looks like things didn't exactly go as planned.  I am willing to bet that part of the reason for this could be that perhaps "The Man Upstairs" or Finn's Dad might have let his son get a little too carried away with the Legos now that he's allowing him to play with them, and he symbolically destroyed Bricksburg which is how it's now become a wasteland.

Oh and then there's that seemingly alien character, Sweet Mayhem, who kidnaps them all.  Just looking at her, you can tell she's one of the Lego minidolls from the female-focused "Friends" line.  I'm guessing this has something to do with Finn's younger sister having those sets much like she had the Duplo sets at the end of the last movie and maybe she tries to infuse them with her brother's toys and it creates the whole plot of some alien invasion.  Perhaps Finn's sister steals some of his Lego minifigures like how Sweet Mayhem kidnapped Emmet's friends?  Maybe Finn and his sister are having fights and this creates the problem of the minifigures and minidolls having some sort of war?  That could be an interesting twist.  Either way, I am sure we'll get some sort of crossover with the Lego world and the real world like we did in the last movie.  Like I said earlier, I love a good mind-blowing plot-twist and that's what made me adore the last Lego Movie.  I'm sure there will be something like that this time around.  :D

Only thing I worry about is that this movie is going to eat my wallet alive!  I need a set with that huge badass Unikitty RIGHT NAO!!  :iconlaplz:

And lastly:

Now this movie looks good!

"But Alex, Michael Bay raped my childhood so obviously all Transformers movies suck!"

Image result for pewdiepie stfu gif

Look I know a lot of you all still hate the TF movies and I can see why people criticize them, but just listen to me for a moment here.

First thing you need to know, this movie is not a reboot, it's a prequel to the first film set back in the 1980s.

As for, Bumblebee's voice: Bee still has no voice and if you read the comics and look further into the lore of the movies, he lost it centuries ago when Megatron ripped out his vocal processor after he was outsmarted by him so that he would never tell anyone of it.  This explains why Bumblebee still doesn't have his voice in this movie so stop crying.  I too am tired of Bee not talking more in the later films but due to what I said earlier, he wouldn't be able to talk anyway so that is ok.  On that topic, I'm not sure how much of the comics they will still take to heart considering the writers working on the films didn't really coordinate things to line up very well with the tie-in comics or the novels, but I can see we are already getting quite a bit of some good continuity like the fact that Sector Seven is in this story, Starscream is in it (rockin that G1 style I see!  Very nice!) leading the Decepticons in Megatron's absence, and we are likely to see a few other familiar faces like the rumored Barricade and possibly also Optimus Prime.  Since this is a Hasbro thing, we obviously need to have enough robot characters to sell enough toys and I'm sure there will be a healthy dose of them but to keep up with the fact that this is before the Transformers really started to become known to the world in the events of the 2007 movie, they can't get too carried away with it.

Now I know you guys still think that this movie can't do good just because ooooh, Michael Bay ruins everything, well Michael Bay is NOT directing this one.  Yes, you heard me right.  Bay is a producer, but Travis Knight is the director this time and he directed "Kubo and the Two Strings" which, if I'm not mistaken, won a BAFTA award and currently sits at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and 84% on MetaCritic.  Now I haven't seen that movie and you can't necessarily predict the success of a film based on the director's past films, but Travis clearly knows a thing or two about animation by the looks of it and I'd say he's got this.

Let's also talk about how good the contents of the trailer itself look.  It is quite different from your average Transformers trailer.  There was a bit less action and robots than we are used to and there will apparently only be a few robot characters this time.  THAT IS GOOD.  I love having tons of awesome robots that will get really cool toys for me to buy and some explosions in a film here and there, but it looks like they are going for something different this time.  If they tone that down, I am okay with it.  They seem to be going for somewhat of an "Iron Giant" approach with this film in terms of Bumblebee and his human partner's relationship.  If the trailer is true to the movie itself, we'll be getting a little more character and depth this time and not just a bunch of senseless eye-candy with wooden acting.  Speaking of which, the main human girl in this film is definitely not Megan Fox.  ANOTHER GOOD THING.  While I do love some nice sexy babes every now and then, I think we all can agree we've gotten tired of them in Transformers.  This time we've got a young rather adorable and spunky character who seems to have more heart and isn't there just to look good.  Her acting is not half bad in the trailer and she also doesn't seem to be as annoying and over-the-top as Shia Labeouf which I'm guessing a lot of people are happy with.  I am going to miss the occasional scream of "OPTIMUUUUUUUUS!" from Sam Witwicky but that gag has run its course.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love the older Transformers films that Bay worked on, but I understand the criticism people have towards the movies and I have plenty of my own complaints about them, but I am seeing a step in a new direction with Bumblebee.  Maybe Hasbro won't get quite as many toy sales with this one since there are less robots and it's more about the story, but I will be sooooo happy if we have a Transformers movie that gets good reviews and maybe even an award or two and has people talking about it in a positive way for ages to come.  Michael Bay sure as Hell knows action, we all can agree on that, but his problem is that he sacrifices too much of that for depth.  If the critics are right about Kubo and if Travis Knight makes this movie as good as that movie, we can all finally say this will be a Transformers film that actually works.  I have faith in Travis Knight and I hope I'm not wrong!

Well that's all I have for now guys.  Ralph and Bee come out this holiday season and Lego Movie comes out that following February so get hyped!  :D


Does anyone know where :icondeadpone: is?  I have been trying to contact him for the past few weeks to get confirmation of his shipping address for the Pinkie Pie sculpture I made for him but he has not responded to any of my notes or comments and it appears his latest activity on DA is from 6 weeks ago.

If any of you know him and have regular contact with him, would you mind reaching out to him for me?  I hope he's alright...
Alright guys, I am selling some of my old vinyl Funko MLP figures.  Here is a pic of them:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 3.04.12 PM by AleximusPrime
Now I've decided to not do what I did with my customs years ago and just put them up for sale here and wait to get a note from someone cuz it's a bit too much of a hassle.  EBay makes it easier to just calculate the proper shipping cost so I don't overcharge or undercharge someone if I do it all by myself.  It's just a lot more organized with EBay.

Only problem is, the family printer is not working cuz it keeps saying there is a paper jam even though that's not the case which is a shame cuz I just got the printer some new ink cartridges.  If I can't fix it, I will probably have to take one of my recently-deceased grandfather's printers that he left behind and see if that works instead.  I need a printer so I can print off the shipping labels and packaging slips for the buyers so that there can be a tracking number.  I think when you ship something at a PO they actually print a tracking number sticker and give you a receipt so you know what it is but I'd probably be better off doing the printing myself just to be safe.  I'll let you know if I change my mind...

Well if any of you guys are interested, be alert for when I list these ponies.  I think I might do them in waves of 3-6 so I don't overwhelm myself with tons of buyers purchasing all at once. 
It's been a week or two now but I just managed to get over 6000 watchers on this site!

Yay for me!  :D

Shake dat cutie booty! by AleximusPrime
So apparently this happened last night on the Semi Perfect Podcast...…

If you have "Alexa", be careful about using my name in the house.  XD
I still haven't seen Thor Ragnarok and I actually was not aware that Justice League was already out.  I heard the first was good while the latter was meh but honestly, I've lost all motivation to even watch superhero movies now.  I watched most of the Marvel films and the only DC movie I saw was Man of Steel but I'm not even interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

I dunno, I feel the superhero genre has just run it's course with me.  I think it's great that they have been able to make all these movies that connect the way they do but now I feel like it's just being milked for all it's worth.  I am kinda even starting to feel they are doing the same with Star Wars.

Hollywood is just getting really disappointing what with all these sex abuse scandals and it becoming quite apparent that companies are just making movies to make money and are abandoning good story-telling in the process.  I know it's a business but it's become too business-focused without enough focus on literary excellence.

Do you guys agree with me?

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