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I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.

The main thing about me is that I'm a diehard brony. I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic less than a year after it started airing and have been hooked ever since. I used to draw Transformers fanart, but due to a lack of interest in it lately, I've taken mainly to drawing ponies because I love it and it's helped gain me a wider audience. My favorite character is Pinkie Pie because she's lovable, silly, and she always makes me smile no matter how sad I am! :)

I have Aspergers Syndrome, similar to Autism but not quite. Doesn't mean I'm stupid, I just have slight learning disabilities and have a hard time understanding what some people say sometimes and I can get easily confused. Remember, Albert Einstein had autism and look how far he got in life!

If I come across as religious to you then know that I put my faith in God, not religion.

I am a college graduate with a degree in Motion Graphics. I love to draw, make movies for youtube, sculpt, play video games, collect action figures, and hang out with my family and friends.

My gallery is safe for work with occasional pinups.

Feel free to browse my shop on Etsy:…

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So there's this new video game that people are raving about and apparently it has gained a rather controversial following and started drama involving, what I believe is, the worst site still in existence: YouTube.

Let me start by saying I don't really care for this game, it doesn't look that interesting to me, but I am fully aware that it is popular and I strongly believe in "don't mess with success".  That said, just like Rick and Morty or Steven Universe, even the most enjoyable of media can develop an awful fanbase.

If you are subscribed to Felix Kjelberg, aka PewDiePie, you may have noticed he recently made a video highlighting some of the cringiest YouTubers who play Fortnite.  As you can see, some of them are just hopping on a bandwagon to gain views (which is of course what you gotta do to get somewhere on YouTube these days unfortunately), but once again, we have to deal with YouTube's biased and highly broken algorithm ruining everything......or maybe it's more than that.

Fortnite YouTubers like RiceGum are doing the "one kill = one removed clothing" challenge where some random girl strips to the point of being naked for every kill the player makes in the game.  The thumbnail ends up showing the girl covering herself or there's a censor bar over her.  This has become an actual thing in the community and is now being referred to as "Strip Fortnite".  Of course if horny guys see a thumbnail with a topless girl covering herself up, they're gonna click on it, cuz sex sells.  Oh and it gets worse.  There's a guy I heard about on Twitter who uses his 13-year-old sister in such scenarios and apparently even made out with her in some.  Oh wait, she's NOT 13 and she's not his sister, it's some random female friend of his.  I can't stand Polygon as a news source but here's a link to an article about the situation

Its-time-to-stop by AleximusPrime

Clickbait still reigns supreme.  It's been this way for a while now.  This stuff appears all the time on YouTube.  I dunno how this became a thing but you have no idea how many dubstep compilations or songs I have seen that have a thumbnail of some hot chick in it.  As much as I and many others might enjoy the sight, I don't even click on it cuz I know it's either going to suck or that image won't be in the video itself.  That's what clickbait basically is and unfortunately it works.  All you gotta do is somehow take advantage of the easily-manipulated audience and voila, you've got clicks.

a9rRmNm 700b by AleximusPrime

So it works for views obviously, but how do these people make money?  Well again, YouTube's algorithm doesn't work or else they're just playing favoritism.  They have rules against this sort of thing yet these people have millions of views and still are able to get ads as Felix explained in his video I linked above.

Speaking of which, why is it that people like PewDiePie do similar things yet get demonetized while these Fortnite YouTubers don't?  Felix uses clickbait (jokingly) for his videos and swears and uses crass comedy, but he's self-aware of it and with the context applied, it's not even that offensive.  His videos have more educational and critical value to them and are certainly a better watch than these Fortnite YouTubers and ironically he used to be no different from them back in his gaming days.  But that may unfortunately be his biggest weakness now.  Just one F-word and his whole video gets demonetized, but even tiny little things like a video of some black guy with a gun in his hand (no violence included) has to be blurred out after having reuploaded the video several times till it finally gets monetized.  I've seen Felix do this so many times with his videos and I feel so bad that he has to put up with this yet these Fortnite YouTubers get preferential treatment.  If they are doing even worse things than Felix (who in my opinion has become a much more authentic and worthwhile YouTuber over the years), they should not be getting monetized while Felix has to suffer.  One of Casey Neistat's videos got demonetized or age-restricted for talking about the hurricanes late last year because apparently showing shocking footage of such things is not age-appropriate enough, yet an entire segment on Jimmy Kimmel which does the exact same thing get's ads.

A bit off topic but I have also heard that many Fortnite YouTubers don't even show themselves playing the actual game, they are just taking some footage of someone else playing the game and put it next to their on-screen reaction to make it look like that's what's happening.  I don't have any evidence that this is true but in Felix's video, he did point out how Ali-A seemed to be doing this in one video along with RiceGum.  Again, don't take my word for it, but if that is true, well, my point is only being further proven.

So we've established 2 things already:  the celebrity members of the Fortnite community are unprofessional hacks who exploit girls for views and manipulate the audience for clicks, and YouTube obviously is using them for their selfish gain.  Call me a theorist but I don't really think YouTube cares at all that this is happening.  The algorithm is obviously not working but the whole comparison between PewDiePie and the Fortnite YouTubers is damning.  YouTube knows they are getting all the views and they are giving them the ads so they can make money too, regardless of the controversy.  Once it does become controversial enough, that's when they finally say "oh, we're sorry, we didn't know this is happening and we strive to get better, bla bla bla."  Look at what happened with the whole Logan Paul situation.

Pewds vs Logan Paul by AleximusPrime

As for Felix, well we all know he's been heavily criticized by the mainstream media for the whole "anti-semitism" scandal a year ago, and he's just not PC enough for them, in fact he's the total opposite.  Felix has done a wonderful job of criticizing Amy Schumer for her massive ego or idiot celebrities who blame extreme weather on Trump and his supporters, and he mocks idiot SJW culture on a frequent basis, there must be an agenda behind all of this.  YouTube is controlled by Google which is SUPER left-leaning and they just don't like PewDiePie for his political or cultural stances, but they'll go out of their way to take advantage of the Fortnite community.  Much like Logan Paul, they will eventually be forced to throw the Fortnite YouTubers under the bus and start cracking down on this clickbait problem, but someone or something else will be next, I can guarantee it.

The cringiness of the Fortnite community aside, YouTube is just getting worse and worse.  This is just one of practically dozens of controversies per month we have to put up with from this once-great site.  From the Logan Paul suicide forest thing to the "how to have s*x with your kids" scandal to Saberspark getting into the same trouble that I Hate Everything got into, we are all screwed.

For those of you who are actually making money off of YouTube, I would highly recommend finding an alternative.  For those of you who are looking to become a partner on YouTube, don't.  Just don't.  I have already vowed to not go partner even if I could, and I highly suggest you do the same.  I don't want to work for a company as evil as Google.  Just use Patreon or something to get money doing what you love.  YouTube is no longer a viable source of income for content creators.  Fair Use is non-existent on here, even with the recent changes they claim to have made, and even if you can get somewhere, you're going to find yourself a victim of their blatant favoritism at some point.

Well that's all I have to say for now guys.  I just thought I'd talk a bit about this since it seems to be a growing problem and I hope it starts good conversations in the comments.  It's quite a crazy world out there but hopefully someday soon we will find a good solution or else forget YouTube entirely and make another site that will compete well with it.  I think that's one big problem all along really: there was never good enough competition for YouTube and now it's probably too late.  Well, let's hope they fix all of this crap soon before...

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.29.30 PM by AleximusPrime

Well shit.


Does anyone know where :icondeadpone: is?  I have been trying to contact him for the past few weeks to get confirmation of his shipping address for the Pinkie Pie sculpture I made for him but he has not responded to any of my notes or comments and it appears his latest activity on DA is from 6 weeks ago.

If any of you know him and have regular contact with him, would you mind reaching out to him for me?  I hope he's alright...
Alright guys, I am selling some of my old vinyl Funko MLP figures.  Here is a pic of them:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 3.04.12 PM by AleximusPrime
Now I've decided to not do what I did with my customs years ago and just put them up for sale here and wait to get a note from someone cuz it's a bit too much of a hassle.  EBay makes it easier to just calculate the proper shipping cost so I don't overcharge or undercharge someone if I do it all by myself.  It's just a lot more organized with EBay.

Only problem is, the family printer is not working cuz it keeps saying there is a paper jam even though that's not the case which is a shame cuz I just got the printer some new ink cartridges.  If I can't fix it, I will probably have to take one of my recently-deceased grandfather's printers that he left behind and see if that works instead.  I need a printer so I can print off the shipping labels and packaging slips for the buyers so that there can be a tracking number.  I think when you ship something at a PO they actually print a tracking number sticker and give you a receipt so you know what it is but I'd probably be better off doing the printing myself just to be safe.  I'll let you know if I change my mind...

Well if any of you guys are interested, be alert for when I list these ponies.  I think I might do them in waves of 3-6 so I don't overwhelm myself with tons of buyers purchasing all at once. 
It's been a week or two now but I just managed to get over 6000 watchers on this site!

Yay for me!  :D

Shake dat cutie booty! by AleximusPrime
So apparently this happened last night on the Semi Perfect Podcast...…

If you have "Alexa", be careful about using my name in the house.  XD
I still haven't seen Thor Ragnarok and I actually was not aware that Justice League was already out.  I heard the first was good while the latter was meh but honestly, I've lost all motivation to even watch superhero movies now.  I watched most of the Marvel films and the only DC movie I saw was Man of Steel but I'm not even interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

I dunno, I feel the superhero genre has just run it's course with me.  I think it's great that they have been able to make all these movies that connect the way they do but now I feel like it's just being milked for all it's worth.  I am kinda even starting to feel they are doing the same with Star Wars.

Hollywood is just getting really disappointing what with all these sex abuse scandals and it becoming quite apparent that companies are just making movies to make money and are abandoning good story-telling in the process.  I know it's a business but it's become too business-focused without enough focus on literary excellence.

Do you guys agree with me?

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