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December 1, 2011
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"Join the Herd" poster by AleximusPrime "Join the Herd" poster by AleximusPrime
It's here folks! Join us, or else you will DIE! :iconyouwilldieplz: JK

It was a project for my Digital Art class where we make some kind of propaganda type poster or a band poster. I chose the former. I was gonna use a filter on the character to make it a big more transformative but nothing worked out so I left the characters as is. Because of that, the other students said I was being a bit unoriginal but we were permitted to use free internet images and thank God for all the vector artists on here who make some! :nod: And I did it for the ponies and because this show is the best and we need to get the word out! :nod:

I was going to try and draw all the ponies myself, but time is an issue so I sought to use vectors. I thank each and every vector artist for posting the vectors for use and give fully credit to them here:

Twilight Sparkle vector by ~elegantmisreader [link]
Fluttershy vector by ~shadowillHCR [link]
Rainbow Dash vector by ~theaceofspadez [link]
Applejack Vector by someone who doesn't want to be mentioned.
Pinkie Pie vector by *Kooner01 [link]
Rarity vector by *LilCinnamon [link]
Spike vector by ~Felix-KoT [link]
Applebloom vector by ~Felix-KoT [link]
Scootaloo vector by ~Spaceponies [link]
Sweetie Belle vector by ~RyantheBrony [link]
Luna vector by ~Durpy [link]
Celestia vector by ~Gig-Mendecil [link]
Philomena vector by =MoongazePonies [link]
Discord vector by *ZuTheSkunk [link]
Derpy Hooves vector by ~videogamesizzle [link]

Too lazy to link the vectors right now, but I'll do it later tonight after Bible study...

The Hub logo is owned by the Hub obviously.

Everything else was made by me in Adobe Photoshop CS5

I'm not doing prints for this, I can't make any money off of something I don't entirely own so please refrain from requesting it as a print. Feel free though to print it and post it on your wall or something.

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust *fyre-flye

I'm not gonna open critiques since this isn't entirely my pic, but any criticism is welcome so long as you're nice. :)
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PrincessBeautiful Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
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VERY NICE!!!!! =)
wolfrulez Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Writer
Me before I became a brony: Mlp is so gay!
*actually watches show*
Me now: Resistance is indeed futile.
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Maybe the process of joining the herd can actually burn, after all ... 
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If you don't like it then why even bother to comment?  Are you an idiot?  Nevermind, I can already see you are.  :iconfacepalmplz:  Some people... 
eeveefan0121 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Desktop background. :3
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This is now my desktop background.
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