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October 9, 2012
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Animated Comic - Drop the Bass by AleximusPrime Animated Comic - Drop the Bass by AleximusPrime
Yay, my first animated comic! :boogie:

Well a while ago I was thinking if there is any way I can use some of my own GIF animations in a comic and this silly idea came to my mind. Sounds a lot like one of the many shenanigans Octavia must deal with. :giggle:

As you can see, I put one of my 'shake-it' ponies to use along with the headbanging Vinyl I uploaded recently:

Although I had to cut out 2 frames from both animations. One frame in the shake-it Vinyl animation is kinda wonky and jumps too far to the left so I left that out but that means I also had to get rid of the 8th frame and I did the same to the headbanging one. There are 4 unique frames for both animations but with the first and second one having to be repeated therefore creating a total of 6. I also took the liberty of creating some animated "wubs" in some panels. I realized after I was done that I really should have animated Octavia's arm and the bow. Definitely should have... :no: Maybe someday I'll update...

And putting this together was certainly tedious. Had to make each individual pic in but the first 4 panels had to be downsized to 1000 pixels in width. I was kinda scared it would take too long for this whole thing to be put together as one looping GIF but it seems GIMP is pretty good about that. It did kinda freeze up for about 20 seconds but I waited patiently and then it rendered. :phew: After that experience I think it wouldn't hurt to do more comics like this! :D

And now I'm trying to think of ways I can use any of my other shake-it ponies in a comic..... Maybe... :plotting:

So I hope you guys enjoy and I "wub" you all! :P

MLP Hasbro
FiM Lauren Faust

And FYI, this song goes good with the animations: [link]

EDIT: I optimized it in GIMP cuz some people were having trouble loading it. Let me know if there are any more problems with loading...

EDIT 2: It appears to be working okay but Chrome doesn't seem to play it well for some folks. I'd do Firefox if I were you.

EDIT 3: Featured on Equestria Daily! [link]

EDIT 4: Octavia had double eyelashes in panel 2. Fixed that.
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Wubs. :iconmegustaplz: Now for critique... Visionfor this is clear, Octavia trying to practice the cello whilst Vinyl rocks out in the background. This is something that I can relate to :P Originality is good, picking up on the Vinyl and Octavia pairings and the contrasting views the two seem to share: One is quiet and calm, the other is loud and energetic. The technique used here is great, the vectors used are good, and so is the animation. But, if there is one thing I shall note, it's that in the final panels, the edges around the ponies get more and more pixelated in comparison to the rest of the comic. Impact overall: A very funny comic with good vectors, good animation, plus an MP3 in a hoof band. That was adorable :iconmanfaceplz: Overall, great piece :iconvinylscratchlaplz:
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Well done!
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Ha! Vinyl wasn't paying attention!
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Living with Vinyl seems to be fun.
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rely dubstep erly in the morning droping anything that has to do with bass
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