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Any Bionicle fans in the house?! 

47 deviants said Yes, I've been a huge fan of Bionicle since the very beginning and I can't wait for the new sets! :iconlaplz:
27 deviants said I loved it as a kid but I lost interest when it ended and I'm not interested in the new sets either... :shrug:
20 deviants said I know what Bionicle is but I never got any sets/read the comics/saw the movies. :|
16 deviants said I had a few sets but I'm not much of a fan anymore. :no:
11 deviants said Random fact: a lot of the voice actors from the Bionicle movies are in MLPFIM too! :D
9 deviants said I don't even know what Bionicle is. :confused:



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If you saw that poll I made last night I'm sure you are already aware but BIONICLE IS COMING BACK!!!

I've been a fan since the very beginning of Bionicle and collected many of the sets during the early 2000s.  Around 2008ish I kinda lost interest in the story and wasn't too keen on the new designs plus I was getting into Transformers again and didn't have enough money to buy both those and the new Bionicle sets.  Despite this, I was very saddened to see that Lego was 'ending' Bionicle later after 2009 and replacing it with Hero Factory.  I never got any Hero Factory sets but I do still have all my Bionicle sets.  Of course I was so awestruck when I heard the news this summer that it is returning and have been itching to see what the new sets will look like and I must say I am very much liking them!

I know they are using the same parts that have been used in Hero Factory but I personally am very welcoming to the new designs and I think the HF parts go along with them quite nicely.  Nod  They are making some new pieces to go along with them like the new masks for example, and I am also thankful to see that they are doing somewhat of redesigns of the old Toa Mata from way back in 2001!  And one thing I am loving is that they are doing the classic solid colors again!  Here are my thoughts on each of them and if you want to see pics yourself I suggest googling/youtubing them cuz I'm too lazy to:

I love how he looks a lot like the old Tahu Mata.  The mask is very similar to the old Kanohi Hau with a bit of a modern look and he's got not one, not two, but FOUR swords this time!  2 of them are giant fire blades that can combine to form a shield/lava surfboard and then he has 2 extra smaller blades that can be stored on his back and used for when the bigger ones are in surfboard form.  Loving the colors and the armor placement and I think the whole bulked-up fully-armored look is quite fitting for Tahu.  Nod  I don't think there's really anything about Tahu that I can nit-pick about so much but I sure cannot wait to get him when the sets come out next year!

This one is a bit different.  Her mask doesnt look like the old Kanohi Kaukau nor does it look like the Nuva version and I can't remember what the "mistika" version looks like (I actually didn't get all the Toa Mistika) but it sorta does resemble the Nuva version of Kaukau as it appeared in the "Mask of Light" movie if you'd ask me.  Just a bit.  Her staff weapon is pretty cool, it looks like something Gali would wield.  Kinda confused by the 'fins' she has on her feet (which are the same pieces as the axe-heads that Lewa uses) though I see there are some turbines on them so maybe she has them on her feet to use as propellers when underwater.  The coolest part is that she can combine them with her staff to create a giant water axe which looks pretty badass.  Not too keen on her having loads of armor on her shoulders though, kinda makes her look too masculine.  Otherwise I'd say Gali looks great and I certainly won't miss out on buying her!  :D (Big Grin)

Lewa has always been one of my favorites of the Toa Mata/Nuva and I am very excited to get this guy!  Probably the strangest thing would have to be his mask.  I really miss the old smiley-faced Kanohi Miru that the original Lewa had and was sad to see it never got used again for him again but this new Mask does still look interesting.  It has somewhat of a mouth and it's got a cool design that fits pretty well for Lewa if you get used to it.  I like his colors and his armor is nicely done and it doesn't bulk up, you wouldn't want someone who's as active in the air as Lewa to have bulky armor after all.  The weapons certainly are cool!  I love that they are giving him axes again though he can only hold them from right below the axe-heads which looks kinda weird.  He can swap out the pieces though and use the blades as weapons or wings much like Lewa Nuva did and the axe-heads can double as turbine thingies for when he's flying.  Though the mask looks different and the weapons have questionable managability in axe-form, I am still totally gonna buy this guy!

I am liking this design.  Nod  Pohatu was another one of my favorites and I love this new design for him!  The mask is very reminiscent of the old Kanohi Kakama and it kinda lamost has some resemblence to the newer one he had as a Toa Phantoka.  His weapons sure are something else.  They are fitting weapons for Pohatu and they sure look cool!  It's neat how they can fit on his feet and be used as hover-shoes (they have turnbines in them) and he appears to have some sort of flying capabilities now which is different.  And just like Tahu, he has a little Guurahk staff piece that can be used as a little weapon for when he is using the former to hover around in.  I do wish he had more brown showing though and probably some more armor since he is the Toa of Stone and would look nice bulked up.  Still looks amazing though and I'm very eager to get one!

Another favorite and almost exactly how I remember him!  The coolest part is that his mask is almost exactly like the old Kanohi Akaku but with some obvious minor differences.  He still has the 3 mouth holes and then the 3 x-ray eye-pieces and even the same opening up by the forehead!  I do miss the old sword but the new ice pole/staff thing looks cool and he's still got a shield which can be split apart to form 2 skiis for him to use which is where the pole comes in handy.  I do kinda wish they used different pieces for the skiis/shield though cuz they are the same pieces used for Tahu's swords/shield/surfboard unfortunately but I think I can get by it.  I also am not too fond of the bulkiness of his armor and I do wish they'd have went with silver armor rather than gold, gold doesn't seem to fit him too much.  I am still liking it though and Kopaka will be a must-buy!

This guy looks awesome!  Mask is very faithful to the old Kanohi Pakari with some obvious updates and very fitting to Onua!  :nod:  His weapons are totally awesome too!  He's got a huge hammer that can be split apart and used as big digging claws!  At first I was disappointed that he doesn't have his digging claws but then I saw that he can use them still and has a new hammer which is also fitting!  The armor looks pretty rad and the big Hulk-styled look fits Onua and makes him look even stronger and fearsome!  The colors are also quite fitting for him too!  I don't really think there's anything to nitpick about with Onua so he's totally goign to be bought when he comes out!

Now for the other guys, the "protectors", I don't know much about them yet and they haven't had any names revealed but I do like what they've done with them.  They may all have the same mask but their weapons are cool and I love how each of them uses the little gattling gun that shoots studs in various ways!  For example, the protector of land has it in his chest, the protector of fire has it mounted on his shoulder, stone has it at the end of his staff, water has it at a double-handled gun with spears on it, air has it in a large crossobow weapon, and ice has it as an underslung gun with an icicle bayonette.  These guys do look unique and I will be buying them as well!  :nod:

As for the little skull-spiders:  I like what they have done with them!  I think they look cute and love how they are basically masks with legs on them and some of them actually have a fifth leg on their abdomen making them resemble a scorpion!  The big one does look pretty cool too and I'm anxious to learn about him and how he becomes a villain and what kinds of powers he has!  :nod:

Well that's all I have to say for now.  I'm totally pumped for the Bionicle revamp and it's like being a kid all over again!  What are your guys' thoughts on the sets?

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