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I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.

The main thing about me is that I'm a diehard brony. I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic less than a year after it started airing and have been hooked ever since. I used to draw Transformers fanart, but due to a lack of interest in it lately, I've taken mainly to drawing ponies because I love it and it's helped gain me a wider audience. My favorite character is Pinkie Pie because she's lovable, silly, and she always makes me smile no matter how sad I am! :)

I have Aspergers Syndrome which is NOT Autism but is kinda like it just not as bad. Doesn't mean I'm stupid, I just have slight learning disabilities and have a hard time understanding what some people say sometimes and I can get easily confused. Remember, Albert Einstein had autism and look how far he got in life!

If I come across as religious to you then know that I put my faith in God, not religion.

I am a college graduate with a degree in Motion Graphics. I love to draw, make movies for youtube, sculpt, play video games, collect action figures, and hang out with my family and friends.

My gallery is safe for work with occasional pinups.

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EDIT:  That story IS in fact fake and if you navigate through the link I sent and get to the profile of the person who made it up you can see their blog is full of nothing but stupid Nick Cage memes so they are a blatant troll.

So today I came across a recent post on Tumblr...
*collective gasp*
yeah, so it was some post about a person at Babscon who was helping a vendor and there was a little girl who was being chased by a big creepy guy who was trying to get her to come with him to his hotel and at the end of the post the person telling the story got all whiny and started ranting about how horrible bronies are but the funny thing is that they said at one point that they know there are good people in the fandom but they still hate all bronies or something.  You can find a link to the post below if you wanna see it all in better detail but the post I'm talking about is the FIRST one, not the reblog post below it.  The original one was deleted so I could only link a reblog.



Now here is my reaction to this post.

Being on Tumblr for over a year and on the internet for over 5 years, I see a lot of things like this spread like wildfire and I have got to say this needs to stop.

Now I will say first and foremost, if a little girl is being stalked by a man like that at a brony convention, yes I believe with all my heart it is a major concern to me and I hope that that man is arrested and punished if he gets caught one day.  I hear stories about these kinds of people on the news all the time and just the thought of young children being harassed/molested/raped by disgusting individuals like that makes my skin crawl.

However, using stories like this as an excuse to hate on ALL bronies is completely wrong.  I agree with what its-just-a-mod said in the reblog below the original post.  I just wold like to ask a question to those of you brony haters out there who think that you are doing the world a favor by saying that we are ALL evil child-molesters and perverts: 

  • Would you hate on all black people just because there are many black gangsters and drug dealers in major cities?
  • Would you hate on all Muslims or people of middle-eastern decent just because of what happened on 9-11?
  • Would you hate on all Christians just because of what goes on at the Westboro Baptist Church?

If you consider yourself a sane and intelligent individual, you had better say no to all of those and tons more examples I don’t have the time or patience to list.

Now think to yourself:  does one or several individuals like that from a fandom like the brony fandom really have that big of an influence on the rest of us, especially when the majority of bronies are against that kind of behavior?  Would you hate on all bronies just because of one story of a creepy guy chasing a little girl around in a convention? (a story which still has yet to be proven and there are rumors it is actually fake)  If you judge this entire fanbase by just this one individual yet you said no to those other examples I gave, you are the complete definition of a hypocrite.

For one thing, I’ve been in the brony fandom for over 3 years now and have witnessed a lot of decent and professional behavior and can say with confidence that we are a good fandom and we spread a lot of positivity.  Now, of course I have experienced rude and vile behavior from some members of this fandom but you know what guys?  If I went into another fandom or community, I would probably see it just as much as I do in the brony fandom.  It all boils down to who you expose yourself too.  If you hang out with the members of the negative side of the fandom, you are more likely to take that in more than the positive side and vice versa.  And if you see too much of the bad stuff, you shy away from the group because you let yourself get exposed to the bad.  This might sound rude but I personally consider such people to be weak-minded cowards.  I am sorry, I know that might hurt some people’s feelings, but really, if you can’t learn to not judge others so harshly, how do you expect yourself to get in a good marriage relationship, find a good job, raise good kids and basically be prepared for the world around you?

A lot of these stories are actually fake and made up by haters just to get other people to believe that we are a horrible fanbase full of pedophiles and other avoidable people.  I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this story was debunked.  Not that I’m not concerned, I am.  Like I said, child molesters and rapists make my skin crawl, but making up stories about it just so you can get other people to hate on others is completely wrong and is going to backfire on you one day.  If any of you see a story like that, I would suggest that you not take it to heart until you know for certain that it is true.

So I guess I’ve said enough, but I will end on this note:  the next time you find a good opportunity to hate on bronies using one example of a bad person, just consider the fact that the same kind of person is in the communities YOU are part of.  They are in your fandoms, your religion, your political party, your race, your gender, your sexuality, they are EVERYWHERE.  That still doesn’t mean those groups you are part of are all bad and if you still think that all bronies are evil just because there are some creepers in this group, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

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