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I was a bit on the fence with discussing this but it just doesn't feel right keeping it all bottled up.  This happened a few weeks ago during Thanksgiving and it really has me scratching my head still...

Now, before anyone says I'm trying to start drama or something, I am not, I just wanted to talk about it.  Like I said, it feels odd keeping it to myself so I am just making this journal for discussion.  Please don't blame me for trying to send you guys after someone.  I am NOT going to mention any names here and if any of you know who they are and say their names in the comments, I'm hiding it to protect both of them, I don't want to start a crap-storm.  Basically there was an artist who I had a discussion with lately that said some awful things to another artist friend of mine and I tried to talk some sense into the former but to no avail.  It didn't end too well...

Since I'm not going to use names, let's just call the guy in question "Bob" and we'll call the other guy that he wronged "Fred."  It sounds stupid I know, but just try to follow with me.

Ok, so it goes like this:  Bob and Fred are both brony artists.  Bob draws pony fanart, Fred draws pony fanart.  I'm watching both Bob and Fred on DA.  They are both fantastic artists and their artwork gets on EqD regularly.  Anyways, back in Junish, Fred had a little gripe with something and he made a complaint journal about it.  Some people kinda had a problem with his opinion but it wasn't a huge deal and everyone has opinions you know.  But Bob, however, left some comments in the post Fred made and called him out for what he said and then they both started arguing until they had made journals about each other.  Both Bob and Fred are in the wrong here.  Since I am watching both of them, I see both of their journal entries about each other pop up in my feed right next to one another.  I am rolling my eyes at this but to be honest I see more from Fred's point of view.

So things did die down eventually and Fred made an apology journal entry and admitted he was wrong to do what he did and was very mature about it.  I can't remember if Bob made an apology entry either but I know Fred did cuz it's still in his journal.  Here's the difference though:  Bob deleted his entry where he called out Fred, but Fred kept his call-out entry up, not because he wanted to spite Bob, but just because he didn't feel it was right to hide his own past mistakes.  Although Fred makes an apology to Bob, Bob refuses to accept his apology and demands that Fred take the call-out journal down but we already know why Fred doesn't want to take it down.  Fred continues to try to make ammends but Bob still wont' do it.  Things didn't really get worse cuz they just stop talking and then for a few months, nothing.  During this time I become closer to Fred and we both become Skype friends.  I am still watching Bob but I dont' really talk to him at all.

But then, skip ahead a few months later, about a day or two before Thanksgiving...

Fred is discussing a sensitive topic with people that Bob doesn't agree with and Bob is offended by it and gets all ticked off cuz he thinks Fred is being a bad influence.  Bob makes a poll about this though he doesn't mention Fred's name but a lot of people who saw what happened in June probably already know it's meant to attack Fred anyhow.  Bob goes onto Twitter and gets in a big fight with Fred and starts saying some hurtful things like "I hate you with a passion" and a few other nasty insults and even fights with someone else defending Fred in the thread.  (Of course I cannot prove that this happened now because Bob deleted his response Tweets in said thread but trust me, it happened.)

I make a very calm yet stern comment on Bob's poll and try to talk a little sense into him but also in the process I unwatch him due to how immature he's behaving.  Before I unwatch Bob though, I realize that HE is watching me too (which I was not aware of cuz I had never seen him comment on or favorite my work that much) and I'm thinking "Uh oh, this can't be good.....he might find out I unwatched him." but I think perhaps he doesnt' know I was watching him before and it's not like he's going to go check if I still am right?  Wrong.  He hides my comment on his poll and then sends me a note saying that he's unwatching me since I unwatched him.  At this point I'm just irritated at this and I try to talk some sense into him and he wont' listen to me so finally he blocks me.

I admit I might have been a bit too stern while I was trying to talk some sense into Bob but I still kept my cool and I didn't call him petty names or anything though I did emphasize how he's behaving badly and he needs to wise up and just put this all behind him and stop making all these deprecating tweets about Fred.  But Bob wouldn't have it and he just kept making Fred into a villain and saying I was standing up for a horrible person and that he would never forgive Fred since Fred didn't take down the journal entry.  Talk about holding a grudge...

Well Fred and I are still buds and we still talk on Skype sometimes and we're cool.  Fred might not see eye-to-eye with me on everything but I have plenty of friends who have different views from mine and being friends means accepting one another's differences anyway so it's no problem.  Sadly it looks like Bob couldn't follow that rule and he continues to hold not only one but two grudges to this day.  No, I disagree!

I don't wanna judge Bob too much but it seems like this guy just was too sensitive.  It's too bad cuz I admired his art skills for a while until after what he did to Fred.  Even after the June argument, I started to feel uneasy about Bob.  Thankfully I never really idolized him so I didn't consider it much of a loss when he blocked me.  I will be blunt though, Bob really disappointed me.  His behavior was just downright disgusting and he ended up making himself a bigger fool than Fred ever did in the end.

It's really sad that stuff like this happens you know.  I know there are bad people in the world and all but when it happens up close and personal, you feel like there's more of a chance that you can help to make the outcome better and I didn't.  Hell, I probably was an idiot for trying to talk some sense into Bob.  I kept at him but I should have known he would be too stubborn.  Thing is, I'm not a pushover, I don't like taking crap if it's thrown at me, that's why I tried talking sense into Bob, but I'm not his mother and I should have known better than to try and reason with him.  It's my own fault for getting blocked in the end.

Well Bob, I guess I'll say sorry to you for telling you off, but I am not in any mood to be your friend, not until you change your attitude.  It's silly to get into fights about such little things like this.  Forgive Fred and move on.  It doesn't mean you have to be his friend, just accept his apology and quit making him the bad guy, you'll see that he's actually a nice guy in the end.

Well I dont' really know what else to say except.......has this ever happened to you guys before?  You try to talk to a friend of yours who has wronged another friend but then he/she gets all stubborn until they just push you down in the dirt and leave you forever?  You can discuss it below if you wish.  Like I said, I didn't make this journal to start drama, but when things like this happen, it feels better for me to talk to people about it rather than just keeping it to myself.  Besides, I like talking about things like this cuz I know my watchers can be mature about it and bring up good points and stuff.  I know most of you will understand but if some of you don't and you think I'm an idiot for making this post then just don't bother to comment or at least be nice.  Don't be a Bob...

k bye dats all folks...

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