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So yeah, how about that finale?!

Time travel everywhere!!  :wow:  This went in quite a different direction for a finale in which we instead found ourselves viewing loads of different realities and outcomes.  It was seriously like "Back to the Future" but with ponies!

I gotta admit, all those alternate timelines were quite interesting!  Seriously, a reality where there's an actual legit WAR in Equestria, King Sombra takes over with mind-controlled armored crystal ponies, badass warrior Pinkie and Maud, and Rainbow Dash has a torn ear and a prosthetic metal wing?!  And top of that we finally got to see Chrysalis in this show after 3 long seasons with nothing but only a few key appearances in some of the comics!  And then the one with Nightmare Moon.......we never thought we could imagine it that way, could we?!  She's been more of a recurring character in flashbacks and stuff but it was nice to see her again in animated form!  I still miss her old menacing deep voice from the pilot episodes, I don't know why they changed it.  I was kinda disappointed that we didn't see more of Discord's timeline though it was quite funny to see Tia and Luna dressed up as clowns.  :giggle:  Oh, and Flim and Flam industrializing Equestria?!  Tirek bringing about the apocalypse with nopony to stop him this time?!  Equestria being nothing but a windswept wasteland?!  This episode sure got dark! know, for kids, right?!?  I for one am looking forward to all the fanart this will bring out as well as fanfictions and maybe some tumblr blogs dedicated to further depicting the alternate realities!  :nod:

Also, did I ever tell you guys about the time I wanted to write a fanfic where Rainbow Dash wishes she never did the rainboom and she enters an alternate reality where all her friends are different and apart from one another and she has to race to get them to all to become friends in order to defeat Nightmare Moon when she comes back in a few days?  Yeah, it sure was different from this episode, that's for sure!  I dunno if I could still get away with making that fanfic since a few little things have proven me wrong with it but it was still an interesting idea...

Now what I'm still kinda wondering is why did Starlight think all this time-alteration business would make her get her way?  Did she think she'd find an alternate timeline in which everything was the same only the Mane Six didn't end up finding her little equality town and thus she had the chance to expand and create her own nation?  Surely she couldn't just think that these alternate realities were better for her.  Maybe it would have been better for her to go back in time and just try to simply prevent the Mane Six from ever finding her town.  Perhaps it was just a revenge thing and she knew that if everyone else was busy defeating one of the villains that took over, it would give her more time to grow powerful (which she definitely is) and probably fight back to defend her own town or something, who knows.  It's quite clear Starlight eventually saw that the whole time travel thing was a wasted effort when she realized how bad the final alternate reality was with nothing but a barren wasteland, but then we got to an even deeper reason for her motives...

Apparently the reason why Starlight hates cutie marks so much is cuz she 'lost' her old friend, Sunburst when he got his cutie mark.  My headcanon was quite different but thankfully I have learned to not get too attached to headcanons and the canon one was actually quite interesting.  So Starlight thought cutie marks were a curse that can lead ponies in a different direction and break friendships apart.  This event was what inspired her whole "equality" doctrine: a utopia where ponies don't have to worry about ranks or differences or cutie marks and we all just live under the same exact rules with the same exact status; a doctrine which has been followed in the real world in many regimes before, kind of like communism to some extent.  It all makes sense now.

I like to think of Starlight as a non-villan but also a non-hero.  She had good intentions with her little Equality Town but she learned the hard way that it still wasn't right.  She's like a politician who thinks they have the answer to all our problems but ignores the fact that their method has already been tried by other countries and always fails.  In her anger, she learned how to do time travel and thought that going back in time to prevent the Sonic Rainboom from happening would somehow cause Twilight and her friends to never have the same connection they currently share.  Starlight didn't get to see what any of those timelines are like though until Twilight pulled her into the portal and she got to see that barren wasteland one.  In the end we learned that just like always, friendship really is magic and it's the biggest power in this world that can prevent terrible things from happening and if you try to take that away it could lead to catastrophic events.  People are already starting to complain that Starlight didn't get imprisoned or properly punished for her crimes but much like Discord, rather than trying to imprison her (which is a bad idea for either cuz they're too powerful to even capture plus there are no Elements of Harmony to do the magic), they figured befriending her was the better option.  It worked quickly which makes sense because when she was young, Starlight DID know what friendship was but she lost faith in it after what happened with Sunburst only to find there are others out there waiting for her to be friends with.

I do think the lesson Starlight learned was a good one and something that we all could really learn from and, in some cases, relate to.  Friendships come and go at times but there will always be at least one person out there who loves you and you'd be surprised at how good of an effect friendship can have.  We all saw what it did to save Equestria from suffering several horrible futures.  Hell, do you see what friendship has done to so many people in the brony fandom?  We should make an animation or a skit or something someday where we go back in time and see what would have happened if Lauren Faust never had that interview with Hasbro and got hired to do a reboot of My Little Pony.  Can you imagine the outcomes?

Oh dangit....this is becoming a review, isn't it?  :iconfacepalmplz:  Welp, bring on all the whiny "I'm leaving the fandom!" comments then.  Just kidding.  Don't.

In all seriousness though, this was a good episode.  The time travel aspect made it quite unusual but we certainly explored an element in the show we've never seen before.  All the different alternate timelines opened the door for a lot of interesting fan-theories and creations to be brought about and it's really gotten us thinking of the characters more and where they would be had X or Y not happened happened.  I'm looking forward to what they'll do with Starlight Glimmer and I dunno about you guys but I would personally love to see an episode with her and Discord befriending each other since they are both powerful beings who were once evil (or semi-evil) but are now reformed.  :nod:

Well this entry is getting way too long so it's time I called it quits.  I'll make another one of those seasonal retrospect journal thingies later.  Take care for now bronies.  :wave:

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