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These are all the people I owe commissions to:

List 25:
:iconjaegerpony: Sketch complete

List 26 (December 2014 holiday discounts)
:iconwaffleberry: Not started
:iconbendingmasterb10td: sketch complete

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:iconarkan0id: Not started
:iconpokemonfan111: sketch complete
:iconstar-bolt-pony: sketch complete

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Every time I finish a commission I will delete it from this list and also update my journals with each list. If you are waiting on a comm and don't see your name here, please let me know so I can correct it.

Who is the best character in Big Hero 6? 

111 deviants said Baymax
29 deviants said Hiro Hamada
26 deviants said Gogo Tomago
15 deviants said Fred
9 deviants said Honey Lemon
6 deviants said Wasabi-No-Ginger
6 deviants said Tadashi Hamada
5 deviants said Mochi :3
4 deviants said Aunt Cass
No deviants said Callaghan



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I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.

The main thing about me is that I'm a diehard brony. I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic less than a year after it started airing and have been hooked ever since. I used to draw Transformers fanart, but due to a lack of interest in it lately, I've taken mainly to drawing ponies because I love it and it's helped gain me a wider audience. My favorite character is Pinkie Pie because she's lovable, silly, and she always makes me smile no matter how sad I am! :)

I have Aspergers Syndrome which is NOT Autism but is kinda like it just not as bad. Doesn't mean I'm stupid, I just have slight learning disabilities and have a hard time understanding what some people say sometimes and I can get easily confused. Remember, Albert Einstein had autism and look how far he got in life!

If I come across as religious to you then know that I put my faith in God, not religion.

I am a college graduate with a degree in Motion Graphics. I love to draw, make movies for youtube, sculpt, play video games, collect action figures, and hang out with my family and friends.

My gallery is safe for work with occasional pinups.

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Well guys, we FINALLY have got a release date for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!


Granted I would have preferred it be in my birthday the very next weekend but hey, better sooner than later!  Oh and also, we got two articles today on EqD that give us quite a lot of interesting info about Season Five!

So the new villain (whom the fandom has taken to calling "Mayor Marx" lately) finally has a name revealed:  Starlight Glimmer!  And this season's 2-parter premier seems to have a rather interesting theme.  A lot of people have already started speculating it addresses the whole idea of "communism" which it sorta seems to though I think we'll be delving more into the whole importance of cutie marks and how they effect the ponies.  This whole season is apparently about 'cutie mark magic' and that seems to say that we just miiiiiiight.........I dunno.......see the CMC finally get their cutie marks?  Eeeeeeh, it's a possiblity!  Whatever happens I'm really excited to find out and see where they go with this new villain too!  :nod:

Oh, and then that video in the second link:  THE SMOOOOOOOZE!!!  Oh man, I can't believe we're getting the return of the classical G1 character, "The Smooze!"  Looks like he was created by Discord or something cuz Discord seems quite present in that little animatic almost like he had something to do with it.  But again, another memorable character from back in the 80s makes his return and maybe we'll see some other familiar faces like Grogar or Katrina next!  :D

And speaking of Discord, I get the feeling Discord will have quite a role to play in this season and I can't remember where I found this info, but on EqD i read some spoilers that said something about the Mane Six (joined by all the CMC including Babs) will be taking on the "spirit of chaos and disharmony?"  Not sure what that means but Discord is reformed for sure now so maybe he's just giving them a test or something? I dunno, we'll have to wait and see!

And one thing is for sure, the 100th episode will sure be interesting!  Apparently it's supposed to be an episode about the background ponies and they'll all have their own established voices and characteristics and I think there was also something about Doctor Whooves and him being voiced by David Tennant or something?  I might just be repeating something that was labled a rumor, I dunno, but that's what I recall hearing.  Well I am sure we get some really interesting interactions between said characters and plenty of lines from Derpy as well!  :D

I guess that's all I have to say for now, but man am I pumped for S5 when it rolls out!  :excited:  Are you guys as excited as I am?!

Journal History

Things you should know before commenting on my profile

-I do NOT take any requests or trades and probably never will.

-My commissions are paypal only! I do not accept points.

-I am currently taking commissions, however, I may be closed at the time you are reading this so check the profile widget above to see if I am open and please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the rules and rates journal before asking for one.

-If you give me a llama, you have my thanks, but don't expect me to give one back.

-Please don't self-promote yourself or ask me to read your fanfic or check your gallery or something.

-Please don't send me requests to join groups, I don't like being part of too many but you are free to request my art to be featured in one.

-DO NOT send me random links or I will mark it as spam! You can only send me links if I ask for one or if you are someone that I know very well and trust.

-I would advise that you not come asking me for any help with life problems or something because I'm not good at that sort of thing and am a terrible teacher so I wouldn't be much help.

-NO CHAINMAIL!!! Please none of this "You've been hugged" stuff or anything similar, it's honestly annoying, nuff said.

-NO journal game tagging!

-These rules also apply for notes. DO NOT send me a note doing any of the above!

-Abide by these rules, or else.......Pinkie Pie is watching you! :iconseriouspinkieplz: FOREVER!!! :iconforeverpinkieplz:

Got it? Good, now stare at the screen below and enjoy the GIF of me shaking my big fat butt. :3




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As a Bionicle fan, did you ever play the Mata Nui online game?
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This is a question that should probably be directed to my Tumblr but i'll answer it anyway.

I actually DID play that game before even owning one of the toys but I didn't play it a whole lot.  I think the farthest I got was to that one point where Maku needs my help and I travel to Ga-Koro to see what's going on.  OUr computer was really slow back then though so the cut scenes were really long and boring for us...
Thrawn584 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yeah, good old dial-up!
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that's exactly what he had back then.  :no:
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