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John Cochran

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These are all the people I owe commissions to:

List 35
:iconmlp-hot-rod: Sketched

List 36
:icongoldfencer422: Sketched
:iconwilnet1tractor: Sketched
:iconboman100: Sketched
:iconkoopakid17: Sketched
:iconinconspicuousone: Sketched
:iconblitzprower: Sketched

List 37
Soul-Dew-Latios on Tumblr

Every time I finish a commission I will delete it from this list and also update my journals with each list. If you are waiting on a comm and don't see your name here, please let me know so I can correct it.

If you commission me, be sure to watch my scraps because I upload preview sketches there so you can see the image ahead of time. Click here to go to my scraps:…

Custom/Sculpture Commissions

:iconyesimdeadpool: Base sculpt finished
:iconjaegerpony: wireframe complete
:iconshadowphil666: wireframe complete

What's your favorite Pokemon and why? 

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United States

COMMISSION STATUS: Open but only for drawn commissions. In case I ever do sculpture comms again, the sculpture pricing list is below.

For info about my DRAWN commission prices, rules, and discounts, see here:…

For info about SCULPTURE commission prices, rules, and discounts, see here:…

I'm a down-to-Earth, shy, sometimes random, guy who loves to draw ponies and make other people smile. I do what I do to keep my friends and followers entertained but most importantly for my own enjoyment because I love art.

The main thing about me is that I'm a diehard brony. I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic less than a year after it started airing and have been hooked ever since. I used to draw Transformers fanart, but due to a lack of interest in it lately, I've taken mainly to drawing ponies because I love it and it's helped gain me a wider audience. My favorite character is Pinkie Pie because she's lovable, silly, and she always makes me smile no matter how sad I am! :)

I have Aspergers Syndrome, similar to Autism but not quite. Doesn't mean I'm stupid, I just have slight learning disabilities and have a hard time understanding what some people say sometimes and I can get easily confused. Remember, Albert Einstein had autism and look how far he got in life!

If I come across as religious to you then know that I put my faith in God, not religion.

I am a college graduate with a degree in Motion Graphics. I love to draw, make movies for youtube, sculpt, play video games, collect action figures, and hang out with my family and friends.

My gallery is safe for work with occasional pinups.

Feel free to browse my shop on Etsy:…

My Twitter:

My Tumblr:

The Ask Accord blog:

Alex the Chubby Pony blog…

My FIMfiction:…

Please watch/follow/subscribe to me on any of these sites if you are a member.
I have been busy with being on vacation visiting family earlier this week which kept me away from my computer but I am getting back to work on commissions for anyone waiting on some.

For those who are wondering if I am still open or not, I am.  I have been refraining from announcing that I am open because I did not want to bombard myself with more things to add to my list and end up taking longer on the ones people are already waiting for just for the sake of making more money, I didn't think it would be very fair to my customers.  I am winding down now though so feel free to ask.

Remember, I am only doing drawn commissions, no sculptures.  I have 3 sculptures and was working on one earlier and I hope I can get them done soon.  I have come to realize I am a lot slower with commissioned sculptures and they take more time and patience so I may never do those as commissions again though I might sell certain ones on Ebay or Etsy that I do make.

Also, you may have noticed I added a few new rules or have updated a few in bold in my drawn commissions rules/rates/discounts list.  The one that people probably need to be most aware of is the one about Canon/OC shipping.  I am just not going to do it anymore.  Not saying people have lousy OCs but I'm getting tired of drawing shipping art that doesn't really fit my standards.  I can still draw Canon/Canon as long as they are an actual couple or have a crush on each other (Flash and Twi) and OC/OC.  I can also still put OCs and canons together in a cute friendly way like Rainbow Dash and Dreamer.


Just so everyone knows, I don't do those journal game thingies so please don't tag me in any of them because you won't see me doing them.  I used to do them when I as new to this site and was kinda naive and weird but not anymore.  Odds are it's a game/questionnaire I did ages ago when I was first on here so what's the point of doing it now, right?

I'm sorry but there's nothing more annoying than seeing something that says "I tag you, now you have to do this and you have to tag your other friends!  No exceptions, muahahah!" Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but srsly, stahp dat.
alright, this is getting really annoying.

Did anyone notice how my Caterpie upload earlier had the title as "010 Caterpie WEB" instead of just "Caterpie?"  010 Caterpie WEB is the file name but I don't always make it the same as the version I put on DA but when it was uploading, I put in just "Caterpie" even AFTER the image had uploaded yet it still insisted on it being called "010 Caterpie WEB" for some stupid reason.  Again, I went and changed the title and the change didn't stick.

On top of all that, we just recently got our internet upgraded a bit and now have not just one but TWO modems in our house and the internet go slower.  I have to now shrink my images down to about 1000 pixels in width in order to successfully upload them but it still takes several tries.  Plus DA still hasn't gotten rid of this bug where if an image fails to upload, anything you have typed in the title or description box gets completely wiped out and cannot be retrieved unless you go back to the previous page and then forward again to see it there.  I'm guessing this isn't a problem with DA but the first one still persists which is why some of my uploads have had awkward titles in the past but they get changed to what I intended them to be...
Again, Im' very sorry you guys have to deal with this stupid troll.  Comments are disabled again but if any of you get one from comments on my profile or journals, be alert and just block and report him for spam immediately.

Stay safe...
For anyone wondering about "Age of the Alicorns: Chaos Rising" I am STILL doing it, but as you can see I've been very neglectful of it.  It's cuz I've been busy with other stuff but my proofreader may have to back out due to him being very busy as well.

I still really love this story as well as the Ask Accord blog and I wanna keep both going.

If anyone is interested in being the new proofreader for the chapters of AotA, let me know.  Your requirements are simply that you're a good writer and reader and should have experience with fanfics and/or proofreading some.
finally figured out status updates!  I dunno how to feel about the useless activity feed on my page so I may do away with it but eh, this might do for now...

anyway, got more commissions to do as well as FillyCon artwork so it's going to be a busy month ahead...

Kinda feeling down.  Lost a friend I admired last night to political correctness and work really sucked at McDonald's today but I'm feeling better now.  How are you guys doing?

Journal History

Things you should know before commenting on my profile

-I do NOT take any requests or trades and probably never will.

-My commissions are paypal only! I do not accept points.

-I am currently taking commissions, however, I may be closed at the time you are reading this so check the profile widget above to see if I am open and please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the rules and rates journal before asking for one.

-If you give me a llama, you have my thanks, but don't expect me to give one back.

-Please don't self-promote yourself or ask me to read your fanfic or check your gallery or something.

-Please do not ask me to role-play with you. This is not an RP account and I don't RP, ever.

-Please don't send me requests to join groups, I don't like being part of too many but you are free to request my art to be featured in one.

-DO NOT send me random links or I will mark it as spam! You can only send me links if I ask for one or if you are someone that I know very well and trust.

-I would advise that you not come asking me for any help with life problems or something because I'm not good at that sort of thing and am a terrible teacher so I wouldn't be much help.

-NO CHAINMAIL!!! Please none of this "You've been hugged" stuff or anything similar, it's honestly annoying, nuff said.

-NO journal game tagging!

-These rules also apply for notes. DO NOT send me a note doing any of the above!

-Abide by these rules, or else.......Pinkie Pie is watching you! :iconseriouspinkieplz: FOREVER!!! :iconforeverpinkieplz:

Got it? Good, now stare at the screen below and enjoy the GIF of me shaking my big fat butt. :3




Oct 21, 2016
10:10 pm
Oct 21, 2016
9:42 pm
Oct 21, 2016
8:54 pm
Oct 21, 2016
8:21 pm
Oct 21, 2016
8:20 pm

ATTENTION!! (why my comments are disabled)

I have been getting harassed, threatened, impersonated and even libeled for the past few months by a user who usually registers under the name "Sepulchre". He spams the comments in all of my deviations with very inappropriate content and constantly evades IP bans to come back over 40 times now. He's been impersonating me with similar usernames like "AlexlmusPrime" or "AieximusPrime" to fool people and has also been making outrageous claims that I or one of my followers raped some random girl.

For the time being, the comments in my images have been disabled to keep him from accessing them to harass my followers. If you like my art and want to comment on it or ask a question, feel free to put a comment on my profile but be aware that he may reply there to it.

If you get a reply from him, DO NOT try to instigate him at all. Just block him and report him to the DA administration. If we get enough people doing it DA may wise up and ban him for good but only if enough people send a message.


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Do you have a problem with someone bothering you?
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OtakuXover24 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
I hope you see the last of that person, along with the worst folks you met.
Nova-Zenith Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry! I reported the comment (and him) as soon as I received it. And I actually quite like the artwork of the tumblr user he mentioned ^^;
Until the dude is taken off DA, I will continue to support you and your art :heart:
AleximusPrime Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no idea who the person he was talking about was but he tends to target people he doesn't like for some reason.  He had no reason to do it to me though, he just randomly started doing it and now he won't stop.
Nova-Zenith Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You blocked him, right?
AleximusPrime Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
That's all I CAN do is block him but that doesnt' even work.  He's made over 40 different accounts to keep coming after me and DA admittedly said they cannot do anything about it because he just keeps changing his IP address.
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ThunderboltX33 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Spammers man, they literally won't shut up about absurd & false info. I feel sorry for you :c
ASkinnyWhiteGuy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hate to say it but I think he's gonna troll Alex until the end of time.  Apparently it's impossible to permanently ban someone from this site forever; he'll just make a new account and continue.  I mean, dA could add in an update that says that, unless you have a core membership or something, you'll only be allowed to make 3 accounts, then you won't be able to add in another account again.  But they'd need your email address, your IP, a whole lot of info, in order to do that.  ORRR, they could contact some data-mining company and hand-pick those responsible for incessant trolling and ban them for life using crazy hacker shit.  Idk man, this site's flawed.
ThunderboltX33 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
yeah, that's true
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AleximusPrime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Please ignore the comment you received earlier.  That came from an individual who has been stalking me lately and blaming all sorts of people for raping some random girl.  Report him if you see anymore comments.
Art-2u Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
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*after watching Season 6 episode 24* YO, a new ship arrived in Equestria! :happybounce:
AleximusPrime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Please ignore the comment you received earlier.  That came from an individual who has been stalking me lately and blaming all sorts of people for raping some random girl.  Report him if you see anymore comments.
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